Tower Rolling Storage Cart - Steel

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This steel cart is great for storing all your essentials. In the bathroom, use it to store toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or other toiletries. For privacy, face the solid metal side out. And roll it around when you need to access it. The wood top is the perfect place to store or display small items. Product comes with four wheels, two standard swivel casters and two standard rigid casters. The rigid casters only move forward and backward, not left to right. This helps drive the unit forward. We recommend installing the two rigid casters on the end you consider the "back" of the product, on the opposite side of the handle. The handle fits on either side. If you switch the handle to the opposite end, remember to adjust the casters. The rigid casters should always face the direction you are pulling the cart. SLIM-PROFILE DESIGN: Product features a slim-profile design. To prevent toppling, recommended to use propped against walls, or between items. MATERIAL: Steel, Wood, Nylon